Goal The Ancestry Hub will provide an online platform for academic researchers for whole-genome local-ancestry inference from high-throughput big data sets using the aMAP pipeline.


Uses The Ancestry Hub is a web server that can be used for high-resolution ancestry inference of genomic segments (local ancestry) of whole genome using the high-throughput genotype data or haplotype data.


Benefits Modern history has created mosaic genomes through admixture between multiple ancestral populations. Characterization of the ancestral origin at each genomic locus for an admixed individual will be important for association studies, in which population structure can be a confounder that leads to both false positive and false negative associations due to systematic differences in allele frequencies between subgroups of the sample.


Citations Ma Y, Zhao J, Wong JS, Ma L, Li W, Fu G, Xu W, Zhang K, Kittles RA, Li Y, Song Q. Accurate inference of local phased ancestry of modern admixed populations. Sci Rep. 2014 Jul 23;4:5800. PMID: 25052506, PMCID: PMC4107375.  

The Ancestry Hub for Genome Admixture Analysis

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