Getting Started

This is the page for information about how to use our Ancestry Hub. If you have further questions, please click FAQ.

User Manual

Prepare your Data

Upload your data

Download results

01. Prepare your data

Please prepare two input files:

1) HAP files (genotypes or haplotypes) compressed by gzip (*.hap.gz). If you need help on creating this format of files, please click here.

2) An option form -- the information of an user's customized choices.

Please note:

·        It is a haplotypes data;

·        Variants must be sorted by their genomic positions within each chromosome;

·        GRCh37 (hg19) coordinates are required;

·        The size of the HAP file should be smaler than 1G, it must be compressed by gzip (*.hap.gz)

·        The maximum number for each HAP file is 500 samples.


02. Upload your data

HAP.gz file can be uploaded from your local disk. If you have other format files, please contact us by email .

1) Click "Upload" to upload your data and fill out Option Form.

2) We will send you email once we received your file. Then we will perform a initial quality check on your upload files and send you an email about the check result. After pass the check, we will process your data in the job queue and let your know result immediately when it is finished

* Currently we only accept one file for each case.

* If your files are larger than 1G, please click here.


03. Download result

Once your job is done, we will email you a notification. You will have 30 days to use an encrypted connection to get your results. You can download your results:

1) Click "Download";

2) Fill in the case code, which can be found in the email notice;

3) Click "Download";

4) The results will be a zip file.


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